Presidents Message

Rob Schill

I am honored to take on the role of SGBA president for the 2018 year. I would like to thank Corbin St. John for his work as president in 2017 and for the previous 6 years he devoted to the SGBA Board of directors.

A little about myself: My wife and I run a commercial herd of Boer cross goats. I operate a manufacturing business out of the shop on the ranch. I’m an optimist and believe that anything is possible if we work hard enough to achieve it. Dream Big the results are worth it. We both a very passionate about the goat industry in the province. We truly believe there are great things on the horizon for the goat industry in Saskatchewan.

We are in an industry that only produces 20% of what is consumed in Canada; that is a great opportunity for us all!! I believe through education (seminars, symposiums, etc.); good marketing strategies, and public exposure to chevon those markets can diversify even more!!! We need to lobby the government for changes to dairy production standards. These regulations are old and outdated. Educating the public is key to development of the industry whether it be the meat, dairy or fiber sector of industry. That is why we are committed to educational days like Ag in the Classroom, being present at trade shows and CWA. The more the public is aware of where things like their Cashmere sweater comes from, Gouda cheese, etc. the better the industry will become and we can move the industry even further ahead.

If there is anything you ’ d like to see happen regarding the SGBA, please contact myself or any other board member and we will help you the best we can. If I don ’ t know the answer I will find out for you!!

Rob Schill
President Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association
Email me at Or Call/text 306-331-7858