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Goats in the News:
New Research on Genetic Resistance and Susceptilitiy to Scrapie in Live Goats

Ontario Can now Be Surveyed for Scrapie Susceptibility


Canadian Associations:
Canadian Goat Society
Canadian Meat Goat Association
Canadian National Goat Federation
Canadian Cashmere Producers Association
Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
BC Goat Breeders Association
Ontario Goat Breeders Association
Manitoba Goat Association
Ontario Dairy Goat Co-operative
Alberta Goat Breeders Association

New Brunswick Goat Breeders Association


Government of Saskatchewan - Agriculture
GoatKeeper Magazine
Canadian Recommended Code of Practice for the Care & Handling of Goats
National Goat Identification Program Tagging Videos
Biosecurity Planning Guide for Canadian Goat Producers
Goat Veterinary Society
Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
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Barn Safety Checklist 1
Barn Fire Safety Checklist 2
SSDB Extension Services
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Ewe Shoppe - Sheep Production Supplies
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International Associations:
American Boer Goat Association
American Kiko Goat Association
American Goat Society
North American Savannah Association
National Pygmy Goat Association

United States Boer Goat Association
American Meat Goat Association

International Goat Association

British Goat Society

International Kiko Goat Association

Australian Boer Goat Association


Giggles with Goats:
Goat ‘arrested’ after walking into Saskatchewan Tim Hortons, refusing to leave: ‘He was very unhappy’