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Bylaw Changes

a) Annual Members
Annual members shall be goat breeders over the age of eighteen (18) years who are residents of Saskatchewan and who pay the annual membership fee to the SGBA. They shall have one (1) vote per membership and shall be entitled to one (1) copy of the publication subscribed to by the SGBA. Annual members who are under the age of eighteen (18) receive all of the above, except one (1) vote.

b) Family Members

Family members shall be defined as two (2) persons over the age of eighteen (18) who reside at the same address within the province of Saskatchewan. Family memberships shall have two (2) votes, one (1) vote for each person and they shall be entitled to one (1) copy of the publication subscribed to by the SGBA.

c) Associate Members
An associate member shall be defined as a person who resides outside the province of Saskatchewan and pays a membership fee to the SGBA. Associate members will receive all the benefits of a membership, however, are not entitled to vote and shall not receive a copy of publication subscribed to by the SGBA.

In accordance with the SGBA Bylaws, Article 9, Paragraph (a)
“Amending The By-Laws” notice is hereby provided:


“Proposed amendments to these Bylaws must be submitted to the Bylaw Chairperson at least sixty (60) days before the Annual General Members Meeting. The Chairperson shall ensure the amendment(s) are properly worked, legal and complete and that the logical reason for the proposed amendment(s) are clear.”


Any member of the SGBA in good standing may propose amendments to the Association Bylaws, however in order to comply with the above requirements suggested amendments must to be forwarded to Bylaws Chairperson Corbin St. John The Board of Directors is in the process of finalizing details for the Annual General Meeting which will occur Febuary 24, 2018, therefore, any proposed amendments must be received in time for processing.


Download the Vote By Proxy form
Forward your proposed changes by email to Landon Spokowski –


Verbally requested amendments can not and will not be entertained