Board of Directors

  • President
    Rob Schill

    President: Rob Schill

    Rob Schill was born and raised on a mixed farm near Balcarres. Agriculture has always been a big part of his life. He raised cattle up until 2009 and was out of the livestock industry for a number of years other than having a small herd of pleasure horses and a draft team. Rob and his wife got back into livestock in 2016 with a small herd of Boer cross goats. They have spent the past couple of years building their herd to 200 head of commercial goats and a small purebred herd of Boer goats. Focusing on good maternal traits and long thick bodied bucks to produce good finishing carcasses.

    Rob has worked off the ranch for the past 21 years until just recently when he started working fulltime in his welding business. He has strong desire to do the best he can at what ever he is working on. Whether that is welding for a customer or representing the goat industry as President of the SGBA in its daily activities.

    Rob has a strong passion for the goat industry and sees it growing and developing well into the future. Changes are good for the growth of goat industry and we can't rely on the "its always been this way mentality". We need to push the envelope and change to grow!!

  • Vice President
    Landon Spokowski

    Vice President: Landon Spokowski

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  • Treasurer
    Ashley Kattler

    Treasurer: Ashley Kattler

    Ashley will be serving as treasurer for the SGBA for the 2018 year. She previously was a director and served on the marketing/education commitee.

    Ashley has her degree in Animal Science and has been actively working in the agriculture industry for nearly 15 years. She currently has been managing a crop input retail for Paterson Grain in Indian Head since 2009. The family farm is located south of Indian Head. Her goat herd is still a work in progress. There are 15 females, which are a mix of commercial and purebred Boer. She and her husband also have a growing herd of red angus cattle. A good usable string of ranch and performance Quarter horses round out the livestock. They also farm 1350 acres of cropland.

    Ashley hopes to help the SGBA and membership by providing her continued expertise in marketing and education, as well as genetic selection for improved herds. Never willing to settle for the status quo, she is certain the goat industry and the SGBA will only continue to grow.

  • Secretary
    Landon Spokowski

    Secretary: Landon Spokowski

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  • Donna Boots

    Donna Boots

    Donna Boots has over thirty years as a business instructor at Saskpolytechnic and was also previously teaching at the University of Saskatchewan. Having grown up on a farm in central Saskatchewan, there were many opportunities to develop a business idea. Now, when Donna is not teaching and working with students she is involved in small business and can be found reading and talking about some of her favorite interests like farming and gardening. Donna's passion for the province, agriculture, and business is always growing. She can be reached at

  • Lisa Schill

    Lisa Schill

    Lisa Schill is a Registered Nurse who grew up in Nova Scotia and moved to Saskatchewan 7 years ago. Working full time and being involved with the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association and the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses definitely keeps her busy. Saskatchewan is where she met her husband and started raising goats as a family business about 2 years ago. The herd, which is primarily Boer goats with some dairy cross influence, continues to expand and multiply. She is always interested in continuing to learn and how to give back to the industry.

  • Kelly Sawyer

    Kelly Sawyer

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