2018 SGBA AGM and Conference

SGBA Conference & AGM was held February 24/18 with 26 people in attendance. Shelley Jones from the Government of Saskatchewan spoke on Livestock & Forage strategy with a brief overview of the CAP program roll out being April 2018. Emphasis was put on getting your PID as many still do not have & with coming changes you will not be able to order tags which will be mandatory.

Anne Burnett Burgess from CCIA spoke in regards to new tagging for traceability. She also emphasized the need of a Premise ID. She brought samples of the approved tags & discussed proper usuage. Tags can be either visual indicators or RFID.

She also discussed when a tag is needed. Regulations aren’t finalized as of yet however voluntary use is encouraged. Animals leaving home & going to shows/fairs will require tagging but an animal going to your own pasture will not need to be recorded in animal movements.

Jason Williams of True Test spoke on electric fencing - I found him to be very informative & gave a good explanation on how electric fencers work He couldn’t emphasize enough that most people’s issues with electric fencing is not enough ground rods & explaied how to test to see if you have enough ground rods. Talked about polar & bi polar fencers & explained differences. How to deal with Sandy dry soils & fencers use in winter. The more wires the easier it is for fencer to work. Compared it to pumping water with a small hose to a big hose - same principles apply to electric fencing. Jason is available to help any producer with fencing projects.

Dr Fabienne Uelhinger presented the on Farm Food Safety Course- which is basic overview of safe goat practices & documentation. A produce can become certified through this course. Lunch was provided by St John Boer Goats- a chevon jerk, buns & salad - a first time for many eating goat & was delicious.

JE Ranch was present with their goat jerky, PMT had a booth with information on their products & RL Schill Mfg had a pen set up outside.

There was a discussion on marketing, question about hosting a production sale, and more.

Overall it was a huge success. We’d like to thank all those that attended, all those that help organize, our sponsors & look forward to the coming year ahead as we grow the industry!!!