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Agenda – Annual General Members Meeting

Call To Order

Financial Report

Minutes from 2014 Annual General Members Meeting

Old Bsiness:
Business arising from 2014 AGM minutes

New Business:

  1. By-law amendment for next year – being able to appoint a suitable candidate to fill the remainder of a term (Discussion and motion for continuance)

  2. SGBA/CWA 2015 Show and Sale (Discussion)

  1. Market Kid Classes – further continuance into 2015?

  2. Dairy Show – no interest in 2014, interest for 2015?

  3. Youth Show @ 2015 SGBA-CWA Show?

  4. SGBA production sale – discussion about 2014 sale, changes/suggestions for 2015? Tips and feedback from Livestock Media Plus.

  5. Having CWA show as West National Show – apply again in 2015?

  6. Discussion about restricting sale entry to only SGBA members

  1. Update on status of Canadian National Goat Federation (CNGF)

  1. Satellite Goat Shows – SGBA role & involvement??

  1. Membership assistance with Fundraising

  1. Associate membership fees

  1. Open Forum

1) Any issues from members in attendance


Agenda – Directors Meeting

Call to Order

Financial Report

Minutes from the January 2015 Directors Teleconference Meeting

Old Business:

Business arising from January teleconference minutes

Chairperson Committee Reports:

Business arising from Committee reports

New Business:

1. Welcome to new BOD members & introductions

2. Election of 2015 BOD Executive (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)

3. Appointment of 2015 Committee Chairpersons

4. Discuss roles of Board Members (combine/split them up, etc. - based on past feedback)

5. CNGF - discussion about current state - SGBA support of the CNGF

6. Meeting and discussion with Sask. Ministry Representative(s)

a) Traceability

b) Premises I.D.

c) etc……

7. Open Forum – general comments – questions – feedback etc. (time Permitting)

8. Review AGM Agenda

Adjourn Meeting

                                Important Notice 
Please check on directors page to read the proposed updates to the SGBA bylaws.  

These proposed changes will be voted on at the AGM being held 

In Regina February 6 & 7, 2015                         


  Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association - SGBA


The Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association (SGBA) was formed in the late 1970's and incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1989. At the time of incorporation most members raised dairy goats but now the membership raises all types of goats such as dairy goats, meat goats and fiber goats.
The SGBA is a non profit organization that is committed to the continued development of the goat industry in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association provides a unified voice to liaise with regulatory agencies, promotes and sponsors sanctioned venues to showcase the industry and also promotes marketing opportunities as well as informational seminars for goat producers in Saskatchewan. There are members in SGBA from across Saskatchewan with a 9 person Board of Directors.

The Saskatchewan Goat Breeders Association's activities include seminars, shows, displays, sales, and demonstrations. News of club activities titled, Prairie Goats, is submitted to the GoatKeeper magazine. 
Attention members and goat related sites. SGBA is now offering reciprocal more

General Information for SGBA

Attention SGBA members
All memberships expire December 31, 2014
   Family membership - $55.00
Single membership - $40.00

Renew early and don’t miss a single issue of GoatKeeper magazine.
To renew your membership please contact:

Charman Callaghan
Box 122
Ogema, Sk

SGBA's rep to CNGF:
Charman Callaghan
Box 122
Ogema, Sk
home: 306-268-7734